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Arizona’s One-Source Solution Metal Finishing Provider

ChemResearch Corporation (CRC) provides a wide range of metal finishing and chemical processing services with quick turnaround times. We service both regional and national aviation OEMs such as Parker Hannifin, BAE Systems, Bell Helicopter, General Electric, Goodrich, Spirit AeroSystems and more. 


As an AS9100 and NADCAP-Certified metal finishing provider, CRC guarantees safe, high-quality finishes for aircraft parts. We also have Level 3 Certified NDT personnel on-site for fast and reliable non-destructive testing. Our ability to run two shifts of experienced staff allows us to perform multiple processes in our 65,000 square foot facility so that we can complete your project as quickly as possible while safely meeting all of the strict requirements of the aviation industry. Almost all of our processing is done in-house, and we are one of the largest special processing facilities in Arizona.  

Metal Finishing Services

We offer over 33 different metal finishing and chemical processing services for aviation applications. Each type of finish offers essential properties for maintaining high-performing aircraft. For instance, chrome plating reduces friction, resists oxidation, and improves durability. At CRC, we have the largest capacity of chrome in the southwest. 

Metal finishes from CRC include:

  • Grind
    •  I.D.
    • O.D.
    • Centerless
  • Anodize (5 different colored dyes)
    • Type I – Chromic
    • Type II – Sulfuric
    • Type III – Sulfuric
  • Cadmium
  • Chem-Film
    • Trivalent
    • RoHs Compliant
    • Hexivalent
  • Chrome
    • Thin Dense
    • Heavy Build
  • Copper
  • Dow 7
  • Electroless Nickel
    • Mid Phos
    • High Phos
  • Sulfamate Nickel
  • Passivate
  • Zinc & Manganese Phosphate
  • Silver
  • And more!

Final Product Solutions

Apart from our surface treatment and testing services, we also offer lab services, pick-up and delivery, part identification, light assembly, and other solutions to help complete your project. Because we are ITAR-registered, we are also equipped to handle any parts that may need to go overseas. 

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At CRC in Phoenix, Arizona we’re known for our fast turnaround times and high-quality plating. For more information about our metal finishing and chemical processing services for your aviation industry needs, contact us at 602-253-3423.