Coatings (Wet and CARC Paint)


Coating Services

CRC Surface Technologies offers a wide variety of aerospace and defense coating applications and has three paint booths and a high volume walk-in curing oven.  We apply advanced painting methods to provide a comprehensive and precise application of Primers, Topcoats, Dry Film Lubricants and Bond Primers.  CRC maintains a diverse inventory of aerospace and military coatings at all times and work closely with our paint suppliers to minimize material lead times.

  • Primer
  • Top Coat
  • Solid Film Lubricants
  • Adhesive Bond Primer
  • NAS 4006 Aluminum Coatings
  • Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings

CARC Properties

Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC) are used extensively on most military vehicles and equipment. These coatings produce a non-porous coat that impedes radioactivity, chemical and biological CoatingsSubcontaminants from penetrating the coating and the base material.

Instead of penetrating the coating, chemicals bead up on the exterior of the surface and are washed off easily.  CARC is required to resist chemical attack from aggressive cleaning detergents used for decontamination of vehicles.  In turn, these vehicles and equipment can be used over again without the concern of future contaminants along with the security of resisting further chemical attack.  CARC is a pretreatment-primer-topcoat system of coating performed typically to Mil-DTL-53072 in combination with TT-C-490.

To learn more about our coatings (wet and CARC paint) services contact sales at (602) 288‐6190 or visit our operation located at: 1101 W Hilton Ave Phoenix, AZ 85007

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