Copper Plating

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Industrial Copper Plating Services in Phoenix, AZ

CRC Surface Technologies is an industrial copper plating company in Phoenix, AZ, that offers both barrel & rack copper plating services for engineering applications in accordance to specifications AMS 2418, ASTM B734 & MIL-C-14550.

Copper Plating provides electrical conductivity, good lubrication, solderability, heat treat stop-off for nitriding and carburizing of steel, and as a strike for other plated metals such as nickel, silver or cadmium.  When used as a heat treat stop-off or mask, copper electroplated portions of a steel part will be excluded from the heat treat process.  Copper is a great coating for solderabilty of small parts and it also provides an economical finish for parts that require low electrical resistance.

Copper Plating Properties

Copper plating is used in numerous industries including ammunition, artillery, HVAC, power distribution, heat treatment, electronics, telecommunication and fastener industries.

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