Nickel Plating

Sulfamate nickel plating uses a 99.9% pure nickel deposit rather than the traditional nickel sulfate used in electroless nickel plating. Because this is a much higher concentration of nickel it lends added advantages to the surface durability.

Sulfamate nickel is an ideal option for components which require both corrosion resistant protection and affordable restoration to original specifications. This 99.9% pure nickel coating delivers exceptional corrosion resistance, thanks to its purity, density and highly consistent deposit structure. It’s commonly used as a build-up coating for resurfacing of worn parts. The electrocatalytic nickel coating process delivers a coating with very good thickness consistency, superior ductility and high temperature resistance.

Nickel Plating Properties

The excellent thermal transfer capabilities of sulfamate nickel make it ideal for food service applications. It is also popular for restoration of industrial rollers in process machinery that functions in hostile environments. Sulfamate nickel is also frequently used as a base coat to improve the corrosion resistance of chrome plated parts.  Sulfamate nickel advantages are;

  • Resistance to high temperature
  • High tensile strength
  • Easily machinable & solderable
  • Superior ductility and elongation without stress cracking or deformation

Applicable specifications for sulfamate nickel at CRC-Surface Technologies are QQ-N-290 and AMS-QQ-N-290.

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