Uses for Industrial Silver Plating

bolts with silver plating

Uses for Industrial Silver Plating

Although it is not always considered a precious metal, silver is still a very valuable material. It has many unique properties that make it especially relevant for industrial applications. Because of its conductivity and solderability, ChemResearch Corporation uses silver plating for non-decorative functions in aviation and defense manufacturing.

How Is Industrial Silver Plating Used?

The purpose of plating is to increase the lifespan of metal parts by reducing corrosion. Industrial silver plating is extremely resistant to corrosion, and it can be deposited on aluminum, bronze, copper, steel, and stainless steel alloys.

The appearance of non-decorative silver plating is typically dull, matte, or semi-bright. Among other benefits, its ability to reduce friction at high temperatures often makes it a popular choice for industrial coatings.

Applications for industrial silver plating include electrical equipment and satellite components. It has many uses in telecommunication services as well as aviation and defense. Some of these include Radio Frequency Identification Device chips, aircraft engine components, and bolts, nuts, or gears that are exposed to high service temperatures.

Properties and Uses

As an industrial material, silver spans a wide range of applications and is nearly impossible to substitute. It is a great substance for coating electrical contacts because of its conductivity, and painting silver ink on any non-metal surface can provide a wire-free electrical pathway.

Some of the most valuable properties of silver include:

  • High resistance to oxidation
  • Thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Improved wear resistance
  • Durability and hardness

These traits make this type of plating a viable protective coating for many metals. Its low friction properties elevate silver as an attractive choice for projects with moving parts because it prevents galling. Galling is when, through wear, a metal part unintentionally becomes attached to other metals that come into contact with it.

Silver plating can also improve:

  • Infrared reflectivity
  • Radiation shielding
  • Paint adhesion

Types of Industrial Silver Plating

Low Bake 

Specification: AMS 2412

Low Bake Silver Plating is a process where silver is deposited on metal parts with a copper strike between the base material and silver deposit. 

This process is typically—but not exclusively—used for the prevention of galling and seizing of metal surface parts made of materials where a high baking temperature may harm the properties of the base metal.

High Bake

Specification: AMS 2410

High Bake Silver Plating uses a nickel strike between the electroplated silver deposit and the base metal. It provides a bearing surface and also prevents galling of metal parts in circumstances where high-temperature baking does not affect the properties of the base materials.

Silver in the Defense Industry

Military equipment and mil-spec platings are required to withstand constant use, high speed and friction, and extreme temperatures. The lubricity and durability of industrial silver plating make it a valuable material for coating metal parts for various applications. 

CRC is an AS9100, NADCAP-Certified, and ITAR-registered company that produces safe, high-quality defense weaponry and equipment. Our company offers a variety if equipment component surface treatments to fit your needs.

Silver in the Aviation Industry

Advanced resistance to corrosion and oxidation as well as high solderability and conductivity are all key components of metal finishing for aircraft parts. Industrial silver plating can meet these requirements and also provide a durable bearing surface.

At CRC, we guarantee safe, high-quality finishes for aircraft parts. Our experienced staff performs multiple processes so we can complete your projects effectively and efficiently while adhering to the strict requirements of the aviation industry.

Silver Plating Services in Arizona

In comparison to other plated metals, silver has the largest variety of industrial uses, making silver plating an invaluable process. At ChemResearch Corporation, we provide industrial silver plating as well as 33 other metal plating services. Located in Phoenix Arizona, we proudly serve both regional and national manufacturers. Contact our team at 602-288-6190 to discuss our services and find out how we can fulfill your metal finishing needs.