What Is ITAR Compliance and Why Is it Important?

what is itar compliance

What Is ITAR Compliance and Why Is it Important?

ITAR stands for International Traffic in Arms Regulations. An ITAR compliant company safely handles the manufacturing, sales, or transportation of certain defense-related technologies in accordance with government regulations. These complex regulations are necessary for ensuring national security. 

As an ITAR registered company, ChemResearch Corporation (CRC), thoroughly understands the importance of ITAR compliance when it comes to providing metal finishing solutions for the aerospace and defense industries. Continue reading to learn what ITAR means and why it’s so important to choose an ITAR registered company. 

What Is ITAR?

The international traffic in arms regulations are compliance guidelines set by the State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). These regulations control the import and export of all the defense-related goods and services that are on the United States Munitions List (USML). By regulating munitions, the government can ensure that only trustworthy U.S. companies handle the manufacturing, sales, and transport of defense related technology. 

There is no formal process for ITAR certification, so when a company is ITAR compliant or ITAR certified, it means the company has registered with the DDTC and follows the strict guidelines required to maintain public national security and protect private intellectual property. The Department of State enforces ITAR compliance, and any company that violates the regulations faces heavy fines, debarment, and even imprisonment.

Who Is Required to Be ITAR Registered?

While weapons are typically what comes to mind at the mention of munitions, the USML also includes military vehicles and aircraft, military training equipment, protective personnel equipment, military electronics, and more. Any company that manufactures, exports, imports, or otherwise distributes these and other munitions listed on the USML is required to register with the DDTC. 

That means every company in the supply chain of manufacturing and transporting defense technology must be ITAR compliant. This includes manufacturers, contractors, wholesalers, third party suppliers, and computer software and hardware vendors in the defense industry. 

As an ITAR registered company, CRC is equipped to handle any parts that will need to go overseas. We provide safe, high-quality metal finishes for defense aircraft, weaponry, and equipment components. 

Why Is ITAR Compliance Important?

Safety and security are major concerns in the aerospace and defense industries. Compromised data and equipment are a threat to national security, and could even lead to the loss of human life. That’s why companies who are ITAR registered and compliant must also be educated and trained in its rigorous guidelines. Following ITAR guidelines is essential to protecting sensitive data and human lives by reducing the risk of hacking and security breaches.  

Metal Finishing Services from an ITAR Registered Company

ChemResearch Corporation provides advanced surface treatment solutions for the aerospace and defense industries, and we have been ITAR registered since 2010. To ensure our services remain safe and reliable, we follow all amendments and stay up-to-date on changes to the ITAR guidelines as soon as they are introduced. 

CRC is also an AS9100D, NADCAP, and U.S. Department of Homeland Security certified company. We provide 33 different metal plating and chemical processing solutions that all meet strict ITAR regulations. We also offer lab services, part identification, light assembly, and more. 

Feel free to request our registrant code by emailing service@chemresearchco.com. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about our services, call 602-253-3423 today to speak to one of our representatives. 

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