5 Benefits of Hard Chrome Plating

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5 Benefits of Hard Chrome Plating

At ChemResearch Corporation, hard chrome plating is just one of the many metal plating solutions we provide. Hard chrome plating is widely used for improving the durability of metal parts, but it has a variety of other applications as well. The benefits of hard chrome plating range from improving corrosion resistance to enhancing the appearance of the surface. Here’s more about how hard chrome plating can improve your metal parts.  

What Is Hard Chrome Plating Used For?

Hard chrome plating is the electrochemical process of adding a layer of chrome to metal parts. While hard chrome plating can be used to create a more aesthetic finish, it is also ideal for extending the lifespan of metal components. 

Hard chrome plating offers many benefits, like improving the hardness, durability, and wear resistance of a metal surface. As a result, the metal parts are able to last much longer than they would without the plating process. 

The process of hard chrome plating involves dipping a metal part into a plating bath of dissolved chromium. An electric current is then applied to extract the chromium from the bath and deposit it onto the surface of the metal part in an even layer. After the chromium cures, the plating becomes a sealant that protects the metal part from all types of wear. 

Five Benefits of Hard Chrome Plating

1: Corrosion Resistance

One of the main attributes of hard chrome plating is its ability to improve corrosion resistance. The protective layer of chromium shields the metal from oxidation, preventing rust. Hard chrome plating is ideal for metal parts that are frequently exposed to humid air, and it is often used in the aerospace and defense industries. 

2: Improves Durability

Hard chrome plating improves the durability of the metal surface and protects against all types of wear. The hard layer of chromium can protect metal components from extreme weather and temperatures, and even shields it from impact damage. 

3: Enhances Appearance

The hard chrome plating process leaves a smooth, attractive finish. Hard chrome plating can even restore an old metal part’s appearance by removing faults to make it look brand new. In addition to enhancing appearance, it also makes metal surfaces easier to clean.

4: Reduces Friction

Hard chrome plating is an ideal treatment for moving metal parts, because it helps reduce friction. Low friction allows for more efficient moving parts and extends the life of the individual metal parts. It also reduces the risk of metal parts overheating, galling, or seizing. 

5: Versatile Applications

Hard chrome plating can also be applied to many different types of metals, such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and titanium. Because of the many benefits it provides, hard chrome plating is used for a wide variety of applications. It is used to coat components for mining equipment, heavy equipment, aircraft, military drones, and much more. 

Hard Chrome Plating in Phoenix, Arizona

At ChemResearch Corporation, we know that hard chrome plating offers huge benefits to manufacturers in aerospace, defense, and many other industries. That’s why we provide hard chrome plating along with many other types of metal plating services. If you’re looking to extend the lifespan, durability, and appearance of your equipment, give us a call at 602-288-6190 today.

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